Intersex Society of Zambia
voice of intersex persons


Intersex Society of Zambia

voice of intersex persons


Intersex Society of Zambia is a legally registered intersex-led organisation established in 2018 and started its operations in 2019 aimed at addressing issues affecting the intersex community in Zambia. In responding to issues affecting intersex persons in Zambia, ISSZ works to facilitate the recognition and protection of the rights of intersex persons. This is done through promoting access to social, legal, economic, spiritual and political frameworks in order to transform them into well informed, motivated and active individuals that live a fulfilling life, achieving their dreams and contributing to their communities in Zambia and beyond its borders. ISSZ is governed by a constitution and has an established board with diverse speciality, these include key actors in health, media, law and education who have a passion for the cause. The organisation has an established secretariat and has put in place policy documents including the Human resource manual, financial manual, code of conduct and draft volunteer policy to effectively manage the organisation.


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Increasing access to education Education is important in the lives or all individuals.


Improve the livelihoods for households with intersex persons.

Legal Framework

Address legal barriers that Intersex persons face in various spaces. 


Provide support towards access to adequate specialized health care. 

Capacity Building

Strengthening institutional capacity to enhance better performance.


Embrace more intersex persons into safe spaces and programmes of the ISSZ.


Community Awareness for Behavioural Change

Empowerment through Education

Livelihoods Support for Intersex persons

A united force makes a difference.

We beieve that standing together shall help all of us to remove the discrimination, stigma, bias, bullying, suffering and pain that intersex persons encounter all throughout their lives. 

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